.....The inspiration for Matxalen Krug’s designs comes partly from her sentimental landscape, the surroundings of her hometown, Bilbao, changed from heavily industrialised areas into post-industrial ruins increasingly covered and invaded by wild vegetation. Likewise, the drops of colours she splashes into her jewellery pieces make these formally strong-structured designs turn into something softer and kinder.

Her work is based in the strong belief that as every piece meant to be wear is bound to move with the body of its owner, the earrings, necklaces and other jewellery pieces she designs also have to have a movement of their own.

Matxalen Krug’s work should be understood as an exploration of how everyday and prosaic actions such as “putting on a necklace or a pair of earrings” can develop into expressions of poetic liberties having to do with personal choice.

The new collection that will be presented at Inhorgenta 2009 borrows from the Renaissance architecture its ornamental repertoire. Edgings, medallions, caryatids and acanthus leafs are transmuted into suitable jewellery patterns. The result is an exquisite figurative silver collection finely finished in dark patina with pearls.